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Watches are the only jewellery that men wear. A good watch is what separates a boy from a gentleman. It’s time to rejoice as GO India Store has launched its collection of men’s watches online India.

Making the right choice is a daunting task when it comes to watches. Like women judge other women by their handbags, men judge other men by their watches. Don’t worry, the task of buying your perfect watch has now become super easy. We have done all the leg work and put together a collection that will never fail to impress.

While buying a watch play close attention to the kind of strap you prefer. Watches for men come in different styles of straps varying from a leather strap, suede, canvas band type to metallic ones. Depending on the occasion for which it is to be worn the right strap should be selected.

Usually for formal occasions a metallic strap or a leather strap is the perfect choice. These watches have a high level of class and give a smart look. Add on to your office look with a pick of these classic watches.

Casual wear choice is simply the easiest one. All types of straps go perfectly with casual attire. However, suede and canvas band strap are exclusively for the cool touch to your casual wear. We have provided plenty of options in different colours for the guys who love to add to their watch collection.

Next comes the dial. Though men’s watches usually have a simple dial style but there are options of the size of dial. The current trend is of big dial watches. We have provided options for various analog watches at our website.

Every man needs a good, solid watch. Shop for the best watches for men India only at Go India Store.

Go India Store- the choice for impeccable style!